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Furnace Repair

Calgary Furnace Repair

When your furnace breaks down, it is not always easy to figure out what the problem is. We fix all makes and models. We also will do warranty work for Lennox systems as part of being a certified Lennox Dealer.

Is your Furnace not working?
A few tips to try on your own:

Is the thermostat set to heat? Sometimes after the warm season, a simple switch can be the cause of the issue.

Check the thermostat batteries? If your thermostat is digital, is there anything on the display? Furnace is not even trying to start? Check if it needs new batteries.

Have you changed the filter? A dirty filter can cause build up that will prevent airflow and cause your system to shut down. Regular filter changes are important. The buildup can overwork your furnace and cause easrly issues with parts.

Anything blocked? All new high efficient furnaces vent out the side of your home. In the winter, ice builds up and snow drifts can cause blockage to your venting. Not enough air will cause the furnace to overheat and shut itself off.

Still a problem? Give us a call and we can schedule a technician to help. 403-899-0599


We fix all brands of furnaces and carry a variety of parts on our trucks. If we do not have a part, we get at without charging additional travel time.

What is the cost?

During regular business hours, the cost to get a technician out to diagnose the problem is $49. There is no hidden charge, that will cover the technicians time to let you know the problem and the cost of the repair. After hours and weekends are a higher call out fee (as the technicians are on overtime, and many suppliers are closed)

Why a time "window" and not an exact arrival time?

We book a 2 hour time window for arrival and will call you on route. We book the window because repair and diagnosis times can vary from one furnace/ air conditioning repair to the next. We also do travel all over the city for repairs, so traffic can effect arrival time. One longer repair can sometimes effect the timing of arrival, so we always do our best to keep you updated.

How much will my repair be?

There is an call out fee to come out and assess the problem (price varies after hours).

It is impossible to give a full repair price until a technician has been out to figure out the problem. Parts for one furnace brand may be hundreds of dollars difference compared to the same part for other brands (For example, The same part for a Honda car and a BMW car will be priced differently).


Even if someone else has already "diagnosed it for you". We regularly deal with improper diagnosed issues, so we like to ensure we asses it ourselves. This way it is done properly. We flat rate all of our parts (so if it takes longer than expected, you are not charged more). This way the parts and labour are all included and there is no surprise additional fees. When we do the repair, you are also covered if a part is faulty, we ensure we leave you with a working furnace. We are proud of our extremely competitive pricing.

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