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Furnace Installation

Need a new furnace? Call to book a FREE quote.
  • Will your furnace last another winter?

  • Do you have an existing furnace on its last legs?

  • Time for Air Conditioning?

  • Repairs not worth it?

  • Ready to save more on your utilities?


We are NOT sales people and we do NOT have a sales team. We have skilled gasfitter installers who can help suggest a good fit for your heating needs. We do assess your home to find a furnace or air conditioning unit to be sized properly for your home in a reasonable price range. Quotes are FREE, and there is no pressure sales. Our technicians will help you understand the differences to make an informed decision. We install a variety of brands with a variety of pricing options.

We are honest and take pride in EVERY job. We want EVERY client to be 100% satisfied with their purchase. Why? Because we have pride in our quality of work.


Don’t wait to find out if your furnace will last this winter. Save yourself the stress of expensive replacement parts in the middle of winter. Also, save money on your utilities by upgrading to a high efficiency furnace.

Our installers are all expert technicians, each is fully ticketed with over 10 years’ experience. They ensure that your furnace is installed properly, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, sized properly, to gas permit regulations and the industry’s best techniques so your home heating system operates safely and efficiently. Have peace of mind knowing that we are available 24 hours a day.

Need a new furnace installed?  We offer FREE quotes to plan the installation and ensure the equipment is  the proper size for you home. Fast and affordable.

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Need a new furnace installed? 

Emergency Repairs too much?

We offer fast financing to get you covered with low monthly payments.

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